Piaggio P.180 Avanti Evo – Rewrote The Rulebook On Elegance And Practicality.

Avanti EVO blends the very best of Italian style, peerless craftsmanship, and intelligent thinking to create an aircraft that stands alone for its values. With greater range, faster climb, reduced fuel costs, a lower noise footprint, added safety systems, and a more luxurious cabin, Avanti EVO is yet another step forward. Its speed exceeds 400 KTAS, faster than many jets and at a fraction of the direct running costs. Add to that a significantly improved service and support network, an innovative new maintenance program that can keep costs under control better than ever, and Avanti EVO stands alone for intelligence and elegance.

080417 - 5

Span 14.345 m 47.06 ft
Length 14.408 m 47.27 ft
Height 3.980 m 13.06 ft
Height 1.75 m 5.74 ft
Width 1.85 m 6.07 ft
Length 4.55 m 14.92 ft
Max Seating Capacity 8+2 crew
Typical Executive Payload 6+1 crew
Volume 1.00 m3 35 ft3
Length 1.70 m 5.58 ft
Maximum Weight 159 Kg 350 lb
Differential 0.62 bar 9.0 psi
Sea Level cabin up to 7,315 m 24,000 ft
Max Take-off Weight 5,489 Kg 12,100 lb
Max Landing Weight 5,216 Kg 11,500 lb
Max Zero Fuel Weight 4,445 Kg 9,800 lb
Standard Empty (Shuttle Configuration) 3,561 Kg 7,850 lb
Max Fuel Capacity 1,271 Kg 2,802 lb
Fuel with Max Net Payload 1,066 Kg 2,350 lb
Max Net Payload 794 Kg 1,750 lb
Net Payload with Max Fuel 589 Kg 1,298 lb
Max Fuel Capacity (Increased Range Config.) 1,451 Kg 3,200 lb

080417 - 3

2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A–66B Engines 850shp/634kW each (ISA, sea level), at-rated from 1,630hp
2 x Hartzell ve-scimitar blades low noise Propellers

080417 - 1

080417 - 2

080417 - 6

Maximum Speed (at 31,000ft ISA) 745 km/h 402 KTAS
MMO 0.70 Mach
Max Range (NBAA IFR, Standard Conf.) 2,759 km 1,490 NM
Max Range (NBAA IFR, Increased Range Conf.) 3,278 km 1,770 NM
Service Ceiling 12,497 m 41,000 ft
Rate of Climb (MTOW, 12,100lb) 844 mpm 2,770 fpm
Take-Off Distance (SL, ISA, to clear 50ft) 972 m 3,190 ft
Landing Distance (SL, ISA, 50ft, MLW, no reverse) 1,000 m 3,282 ft

The perfect blend of style and efficiency coupled with industry-leading customer service from a company committed to high tech research and development: with the game changing Avanti EVO business aircraft, Piaggio Aerospace, producer of aviation technology par excellence, takes you into the air to conquer the world’s skies.


photo by @ayit.spotter @malaysiaplanespotter


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